RPC Teachings

Dreams Part 2


  1. In the bible God spoke in the following ways:
  1. Prophecies
  2. Sent angels
  3. Dreams

There are three types of dreams:

  1. Dreams from God

If a dream is from God it becomes a revelation, e.g  Here God spoke to Joseph “take Jesus and the mother and flee to Egypt because Herod will search the young child to kill him.

  1. Dreams from yourself

If a dream is from yourself it is because of the multitudes of activities you were exposed to during the day (Ecclesiastes 5v3).

  1. Dreams from the devil

If a dream is from the devil it becomes a nightmare (Daniel 4v-5).


  1. What to do when you receive a dream
  1. Write it down (Habakuk 2v2).

In many times nothing happen in our life without God to revealed to us, the only thing we always forget.

  1. Look for interpretation

Who interpret your dream? If you don’t understand your dream look for someone to help you with interpretation.

Interpretation of your dream will bring you life or death based on correctness of the interpretation.

  1. Pray about your dream

If its about death, accident, seeing dead people, people are chasing you, eating in the dream and wake up feeling it’s real, snakes chasing you, sick, flying, sleeping with someone in the dream.

  • You are here in Cape Town but you see yourself where you grew up.
  • Seeing in the dream people shooting you.
  • You dream losing your phone, losing something good.
  • You dream talking and someone who is next to you can hear you literally.
  • Today you dream you are in Cape Town, tomorrow you dream you are in USA, then after you dream you are in Canada, Zim (This is confusion).
  • You dream you have babies in the dream but have none physically.
  • Sleep walker (You dream walking but physically walking).


  1.   Watch it and keep on praying about it

1 Peter 5v8

You must always remember your dreams so that when it happens it must not be a surprise to you.

  • Don’t recall when the dream happen and be like “Oh! Oh! Oh! I remember I saw these things. In this case no one will believe if what you are saying is from God.


  1. Forgetfulness

It is not good to forget your dreams when you wake up.

It is an attack.

  1. Blankness

Here your dream life is blank, you don’t dream anything (1 Samuel 28v6).

  • You are like a car driving in the night without a light.
  • You are like a celphone without a network.
  • This is a very bad moment because everything happen you as a surprise.
  • You will know how to deal with your enemies in your workplace and every place and thing that involves you through your dreams.
  • If your spouse is cheating on you, God will reveal it to you through a dream.
  • God will show you the secret of your enemies through a dream (Matthew 2: God spoke to Joseph).
  1. Reverse dreams (Opposite).

Isaiah 29v8

In this case you always experience the opposite of what you saw in the dream.

  • If you dream having a lot of money, that day you will be broke.
  • If you dream broke, this means that, that day you will have money.
  1. Lack of interpretation
  2. Nightmares
  • a.) Dreams must not manipulate your thoughts
  • b.) Good dreams will never contradict the bible.
  • c.) You must have peace of mind and confirmation about your dream.
  1. Multitude of businesses

When you go through a lot during the day and are involved in a lot of businesses, this might appear to you again in the dream.

  1. Timing

Habbakuk 2v2-3